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About us

Our partnership was founded in 1988 between three engineers and an architect, with more than 10 years experience in the project design and works management of the installations required by modern buildings, designing their electricity, lighting, air conditionin and plumbing systems, including the fastest fibre optic communications systems, etc.

We have carried out a variety of unique works projects, including the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and the Navigation Pavillion for EXPO-92 in Seville.

We work in the tertiary sector as well as in industry, not to mention on the renovation and conservation of historic buildings, such as the doorway to the 11th-century Monastery of Santa Maria, in Ripoll which is kept constantly air-conditioned to prevent the stone deteriorating due to excess humidity.

We have received a number of awards for innovative design and energy savings.

Recently, the savings bank La Caixa de Pensions de Barcelona commisioned us to perform the audit and renovation of the air conditioning facilities of its Calculations Centre which has 6,000 branches connected to it in real time.

In October 1997 we were chosen to draw up the project for the installations for the new Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona with architects Bonell & Gil and now, in 2004, we are carrying out the works management for said project.

We are also carrying out the works management for the installations of La Caixa's new Science Museum, afeter being chosen as the best engineers on the basis of our installations project.

       Josep Mª Miliàn lectures in the Master's in Air Conditioning given by the "Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya" in Barcelona and Terrassa.

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